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Hatesphere Discography

Genre: Death/Thrash
Origin: Denmark

1. Hate 03:15
2. Picture This 05:27
3. Addicted Soul 04:45
4. Bloodsoil 04:51
5. Down for Good 05:15
6. No Sense 05:41
7. Preacher 03:48
8. Dead 05:47
9. Ill Will (D.A.D. cover) 02:14
Total playing time 41:03

2000 - Hatesphere

1. Intro 00:53
2. Believer 04:43 [view lyrics]
3. Hell Is Here 03:44 [view lyrics]
4. Insanity Arise 03:46 [view lyrics]
5. Disbeliever 03:10 [view lyrics]
6. Plague 02:06 [view lyrics]
7. Low Life Vendetta 04:41 [view lyrics]
8. Deeper And Deeper 04:42 [view lyrics]
9. Kicking Ahead 04:10 [view lyrics]
Total playing time 31:56

2002 - Bloodred Hatred

1.Release The Pain04:07
2.Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne cover)03:50
3.Caught In A Mosh (Anthrax cover)05:13
4.Low Life Vendetta (live)04:37
5.Bloodsoil (live)04:39
6.Plague (live)02:15
7.Hate (live)03:18
Total playing time27:59

2003 - Something Old Something New Something Borrowed And Something Black EP

1.The Beginning and the End (intro)01:56
4.Downward to Nothing02:57
5.Only the Strongest...03:52
6.What I See I Despise05:11
7.Last Cut, Last Head04:18
10.500 Dead People05:13
Total playing time36:28


1.Murderous Intent03:35
2.You're The Enemy03:34
3.The Will of God03:42
4.Trip At The Brain (Suicidal Tendencies cover)04:06
Total playing time14:57

2005 - The Killing EP

1.The White Fever04:24
2.The Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood04:20
3.Reaper Of Life04:19
4.Sickness Within03:48
5.Murderous Intent03:36
6.The Coming Of Chaos04:15
7.Bleed To Death03:33
8.Heaven Is Ready To Fall04:30
9.Seeds Of Shame03:48
10.Chamber Master02:57
11.Marked By Darkness05:09
Total playing time44:39

2005 - The Sickness Within

1.Lies and Deceit03:16
2.The Slain05:12
3.Damned Below Judas04:39
4.Drinking with the King of the Dead05:30
5.Forever War04:44
6.Feeding the Demons04:27
8.Let Them Hate05:20
Total playing time40:51

2007 - Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes

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